Alton CC promotes weekly time trials from April to August.

In the interests of your safety Alton Cycling Club requires riders to use Hard Shell Helmets and Working Rear Lights with 50m visibility in our Club Events. Our sponsor, Owens Cycles, has made a small number of rear lights available for loan at events. Riders and event officials must read and adhere to the Safety Rules for Time Trial Events on the A31 document.

Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under their Rules and regulations.

The results of each event can be found under the Results tab. Helpers are listed below - there are a few gaps so if you are available please let us know and come along and get some ‘on the job’ timekeeper training. Please refer to the checklist for more information.

Date Distance Start Time Course Helpers / Notes
20/04/2017 10 19.00 H10/8  
27/04/2017 10 19.00 H10/8  
04/05/2017 10 19.00 H10/8  
11/05/2017 10 19.00 H10/8  
18/05/2017 25 19.00 H25/8  
25/05/2017 10 19.00 H10/8  
01/06/2017 10 19:00 H10/8  
08/06/2017 10 19.00 H10/8 Dick, Alan, Eddy
15/06/2017 25 19:00 H25/8 Alan, Dick, Eddy, Jim
Club 25 Championships
22/06/2017 10 19:00 H10/8 Alan, Eddy, Jim
24/06/2017 10 14:00 H10/8 Open 10 Event, 40% reserved for women Wessex VTTA Championship - click to enter
29/06/2017 10 19:00 H10/8 Alan, Eddy, Jim, Mike
06/07/2017 25 19.00 H25/8 Alan, Eddy, Jim
13/07/2017 10 19:00 H10/8 Alan, Eddy, Mike, Jim
20/07/2017 10 19.00 H10/8 Alan, Eddy, Jim, Mike
27/07/2017 10 19.00 H10/8 Alan, Eddy, Jim, Mike
Club 10 Championships
03/08/2017 10 19.00 H10/8 Alan, Eddy, Jim
10/08/2017 10 19:00 H10/8 Alan, Eddy, Jim
03/09/2017 25 08:00 H25/8 Open 25 Event - click to enter
15/10/2017 1.0 10:00 HCC028 Brightstone Lane Hill Climb, Club Members Only

H10/8 course information and H25/8 course information

In order to ensure the smooth running of our club evening events we do need the help of a few volunteers. Two timekeepers is ideal and then someone to hold up and push off the riders at the start plus someone to take and call out the riders number at the finish. With a small number of riders we can get away with one person ‘pushing off’ and the same person then taking numbers at the finish. If we get more than 10 riders then two timekeepers and two helpers are essential. We have seen riders completing the ten miles in just a few seconds over 20 minutes which does not allow a lot of time to get from the start to the finish by car.